karaoke for nascar fans

Monday, January 29, 2007

the 2005 daytona five hundred

(to the song “pain” by jimmy eat world)

mike skinner slid and caught andretti

so with

six to go the race was restarted

stewart was up front

gordon tried to pass but needed help

there was none

then junior made a move by himself

and took smoke’s lead away!


drag race was a tie

‘till junior got down low

first time he had led all day

he took that lead away!

in oh-four

he did this before

but this time

the race wasn’t over yet!

the crowd went nuts, but dupont wasn’t through

not yet

gordon got junior up high off turn two

as young kasey kahne

hit the wall hard, scattering debris

the caution fell

green-white-checkers came and jeff was ready

to keep junior at bay!

then next time

kurt busch made a try

and scott riggs wanted fourth

stewart fell back while gordon

kept them all away!

cars three-wide

stewart did collide

with johnson

(he) didn’t like how he was passed!

(he) didn’t like how he was passed—


and gordon got away!

what a ride

the thrill was amplified

for lepage, whose white dodge

made a move to finish ninth

while gordon got away

a third time

first since ninety-nine

jeff gordon

won the nascar super bowl

‘cause gordon got

‘cause gordon got

‘cause gordon got

‘cause gordon got away!

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"win on sunday, sing on monday"