karaoke for nascar fans

Monday, April 17, 2006

nascar cinema: "days of thunder"

(to the song "the ballad of jed clampett" by paul henning)

come and listen to a story ‘bout a man named cole,

who came one day to darlington a second off the pole.

with harry’s special tires, cole beat rowdy off turn four,

but while racing at daytona, cole ran into his door.

accidentally, that is.


barrel rolls.

well the first thing you know cole’s lost his chevy ride

to a man named russ with an ego big and wide.

after cole’s girl the doctor yelled out loud, "you are scared,"

rowdy asked cole a favor while his brain got repaired:

"drive my car," that is.



so down the comeback trail rode our man named cole

in a mello yello chevy with an engine harry stole,

and while russ held the lead, he didn’t win the race

‘cause on the final lap, cole put him in his place.

second, that is.

rubbin’s racin’.

there’s nothin’ you can’t do in a race car, y’hear?

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"win on sunday, sing on monday"