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Thursday, February 21, 2008

fan submission: the allison family

A few days ago, a reader named Jay Jianoran sent me lyrics he wrote for a unique musical tribute to the Allison family. Intrigued by Mr. Jianoran’s idea and encouraged by his enthusiasm, I collaborated with him on the piece and, today, I would like to present not only the first fan-submitted song in the history of “Karaoke for NASCAR Fans,” but the first to be put to the lyrics of a pageant’s opening number.

To the song “Summer Fun”
as performed by the young ladies of the 1991 Miss Teen USA Pageant, this is “Allison” by Jay Jianoran:

all-i-son, all-i-so-n

all-i-son, all-i-so-n

bo-bby, da-vey, and don-nie

all-i-son, all-i-so-n

big fist fight


in day-to-na beach

eigh-ty-eight - dad bobby raced

in bu-ick num-ber twelve

con-grat-u-la-ting his pit crew in vic-to-ry lane

boy, they're hav-in' fun 'cause they're the al-a-bam-a ga-ang

all-i-son, all-i-so-n

all-i-son, all-i-so-n

rac-ing for num-ber one

all-i-son, all-i-so-n

bo-bby flew - lea-ding to

new re-stric-tor plates

don-nie runs at-lanta and won in sev-en-ty-eight

bro-ther won his cup at last in nine-teen-eight-y-three

bo-bby won eigh-ty-four rac-es, tied with dar-rell, too

dav-ey won the five hun-dred in nine-teen-nine-ty-two-oo!

all-i-son, all-i-so-n

all-i-son, all-i-so-n

bob-by, dav-ey, and don-nie

le-gend - lives-on

of-the - all-i-sons!

Thank you, Mr. Jianoran! It was a pleasure working with you.

Be sure to stay tuned to
my YouTube channel this Saturday where, by popular demand, I will be doing another starting grid video for this weekend’s Auto Club 500 at California Speedway.

And don’t miss my own lyrical review for that race this coming Monday evening right here at the one and only “Karaoke for NASCAR Fans.” Have a great weekend, everyone!
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"win on sunday, sing on monday"