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Monday, August 13, 2007

the 2007 centurion boats at the glen

(to the song "on the road again" by willie nelson)

friday at watkins glen

ambrose in robby’s seventy-se’en

rain came and sent marcos home with boris said

then elliott let said race up at the glen

sunday at the glen

off the course twice was david ragan

newman plowed gravel, but his splitter won’t bend

and hamlin kept off-roadin’ at the glen

later at the glen

martin truex spun montoya into kevin

(they) pushed and shouted when

rusty awaited a fight, nothing happened - happened

red flag at the glen

watch that fan climb up over the fence

matt wouldn’t sign his hat although he had a pen

boy, what a crazy day up at the glen!

(dialogue between Matt Kenseth and the fan over instrumental)
FAN: "Hey, can you sign this?"
MATT: "Uh—"
FAN: "Aw, come on, man, it’ll only take a sec. I got a pen."
MATT: "I-I’m kind of busy right now."
FAN: "Busy doing what? It’s a red flag. You got a PSP in there or somethin’?"
MATT: "Look, why don’t you bother Robby or something. Everyone wants his this week."
FAN: "I can’t, this guy bet me thirty bucks you’d sign his truckers hat and I ain't gettin’ nothin’ if you don’t sign it."
MATT: "Hey, buddy, I’m really trying to forget how bad I have to pee right now, can you leave me alone, please?"
FAN: "Oh, okay, I see how it is. By the way, good job missing Menard there up in the Esses."
MATT: "Jerk."

that day at the glen

ron fellows got fourth and pat carpentier led

junior’s good again

but lost ground to kurt: his engine exploded - exploded

but then at the glen

jeff gordon won, no, it was smoke again

jeff led all day but "pushed too hard" into a spin

then edwards ran off course up in turn ten

and so tony won again at the glen

REWIND LINK: the 2006 gfs marketplace four hundred at michigan
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"win on sunday, sing on monday"