karaoke for nascar fans

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

the 2006 sony hd five hundred at california

(to the song “california” by phantom planet)

drivers can’t see some

of the track in sun

tire came off number one

running high was earnhardt’s son

hamlin looked like he had fun

sadler, newman spun

vickers’ fender is done

out of gas is sorenson

with two laps left to be run

the new leader wasn’t shunned:


kasey won!

with one race to go

(just) thirty points below

jeff burton, martin, and smoke

kasey kahne has momentum

as he heads into richmond

there, they’ll be some more

racing door-to-door

which eight guys will make the show?

or will nine make it instead

namely one dodge in bright red?


kasey won!

Posted by Brock Beard :: 6:42 PM ::

"win on sunday, sing on monday"