karaoke for nascar fans

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

the 2006 three-m performance four hundred at michigan

(to the song "bad moon rising" by creedence clearwater revival)

kasey, the race’s end’s arrivin’

think we may barely make halfway

please be more darin’ with your drivin’

(we’re) racing raindrops today!

drive like your car’s tight

up where the groove is light

(and) pass ‘em up high on the right!

don’t fear the garbage a-blowin’

that made us pit you way too soon!

right now, it's time to start mowin’

down this big field to our tune:

don’t give up the fight

it’s time to show your might

(go) pass ‘em up high on the right!

all right!

seems you are racin’ even better

since you pass four-wide all the time!

looks like we out-pitted edwards

just by the blink of an eye!

the leader’s now in sight

just use your two fresh rights

(and) pass reed up high on the right!

now let’s catch a flight

to the west coast tonight

(it’s) time to turn both left and right!
Posted by Brock Beard :: 11:19 PM ::

"win on sunday, sing on monday"