karaoke for nascar fans

Thursday, June 08, 2006

“just couldn’t wait, could ya?”

(to the song "who’ll stop the rain" by creedence clearwater revival)

two hall of fame members

came to nascar town.

their crew roster showing

three big names eas’ly found:

staubach and troy aikman

with labonte on,

but i wonder

still this summer

who’s tony raines?

i saw their commercial

try to help me get informed.

into the chevy’s stable

i watched some guy get thrown.

i saw troy and roger

and all of their crew

but i wondered

which one of them

was tony raines?

then i found out racing

a mere three years before

one white car sans-sponsor

fought the nascar swarm.

seemed i’d been ignoring

whose job it was to steer!

i discovered

and uncovered

who’s tony raines!

Posted by Brock Beard :: 10:42 PM ::

"win on sunday, sing on monday"