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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

the race of tomorrow

one day,
one of the greatest races in nascar history
will take place during the championship race
at the three-mile concrete oval
that will be known as seattle motor speedway.

it will be a thrilling contest:
in the first half alone, there will be seventy lead changes
among each of the fifty competitors
which will make the event everything and more
than even the cheering washington fans will have expected.

under bright musco lights on that brisk evening,
the white flag will wave first over the hood
of the bright blue and gold toyota camry
of nineteen-year-old canadian sensation
karen oswego.

the defending recipient
of the bill elliott most popular driver award,
oswego will drive deep into the forty-degree banking of turn one
because less than a carlength behind her
will be two of the best in the business.

the first will be none other than oswego’s on-track rival
asuma kideki, the pride of osaka, japan.
kideki’s orange honda accord will lurk in oswego’s draft,
its driver waiting to use his patented ‘melbourne maneuver’
to secure his second title with a victory in seattle.

kideki will have to act quickly to do so
for in his tire tracks will be the red audi of veteran bill lester,
the first african-american to win in nascar since wendell scott,
and the four fresh michelins lester will have picked up during the last caution
will have put him in the catbird's seat.

two seconds behind lester will be a ferocious pack of twelve cars:
jaguars, ferarris, volvos, and even a pair of chevrolets
all of whom will still be banging and swerving off of each other
racing three and four-wide on the backstretch for every last point
in what will be the final fleeting seconds of the season.

the leaders will spring off of turn four and onto the frontstretch
and puffs of smoke will rise from the driver’s side door of oswego’s car
as kideki will make his move on the inside, get loose, and make contact
which will open the door for lester to make a run on his inside,
making it three-wide! and who will win it?!

stay tuned.

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"win on sunday, sing on monday"