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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

the 2006 golden corral five hundred at atlanta

one monday,
a man named jeremy mayfield
got a huge run at pocono
shoved past dale earnhardt in turn three
and snagged his third victory.

one monday,
a man named steve park
got a ton of momentum at rockingham
blocked bobby labonte off turn four
and scored his second trophy.

one monday,
a man named jerry nadeau
got an awesome restart at atlanta
dove under ward burton in turn one
and sped to his first checkered flag.

and one monday,
as a man named kasey kahne
got a great pit stop at atlanta
pulled away from mark martin off turn four
and bade farewell to the sophomore jinx,

a man named bill lester
made history.

Posted by Brock Beard :: 4:57 PM ::

"win on sunday, sing on monday"