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Monday, February 06, 2006

fifteen years

here they come!
davey allison’s got the run on the outside,
jarrett drifts up—they touch!
they make contact coming to the line!

and a spin!
earnhardt! earnhardt spins on the backstretch!
petty and allison take the lead!
they’re dead even into four!

and they’re still side-by-side!
irvan and earnhardt inches apart at the front of the pack!
petty and martin paired up behind!
it’s gonna be a photo finish!

they fly into the tri-oval for the final time!
jimmy spencer—mr. excitement—door-to-door with irvan!
two fords to settle it all!
spencer leans on irvan!

labonte’s got traffic now,
two, three cars racing for position in front—and earnhardt’s right there!
he closes right in on labonte!
they come off the corner and—there’s contact!

he gets loose!
earnhardt slides up into labonte
and that’ll open the door for waltrip!
three-wide into two!

one more lap for gordon, but burton’s still there,
and there’s contact! now twice going into one!
gordon fades up, burton closes and—gordon’s still got it!
gordon leads a half-lap away from the million!

the field’s in the tri-oval coming to the caution!
labonte and mayfield make contact,
pontiac and ford battling for second,
and that’ll let earnhardt get away!

white flag! labonte pulls alongside and takes the lead!
labonte leads in turn one and—he spins!
earnhardt spins him out and takes the lead!
spencer’s closing fast into four!

the crowd’s going wild!
jarrett drives it in deep into three, but he can’t shake him!
here comes junior on the outside!
dale earnhardt, jr. wants the lead off of four!

harvick, the leader, goes high into three—
and now gordon’s right there on the bottom!
gordon draws even with harvick!
it’s a drag race!

the leader! gordon’s spinning!
gordon loops through the infield grass!
tire smoke’s coming off marlin’s machine, but burton’s right there for the lead!
they’re neck-and-neck coming to the yellow!

oh, man, here he comes, one more time!
craven swings to the bottom!
busch wobbles and they’re even!
they come to the frontstretch and—whoa! they hit!

mcmurray’s doing everything he can,
but it’s a two-man race!
here they come for the checkers!
kenseth’s got position, but kahne’s got the line on the inside!

if edwards is gonna do something, he better do it now!
he goes to the high side again and—here he comes!
he’s got johnson on the outside—they make contact!
edwards pulls even! can he do it?!


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"win on sunday, sing on monday"