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Monday, February 13, 2006

the 2006 budweiser shootout at daytona

faster than a speeding edwards!
more powerful than a dei engine!
able to pass packs of nextel cup veterans in a single move!

look, off turn four!
it’s a bird!
it’s a plane!

it’s---an upset!

yes, the man of steal
a man whose remarkable drafting ability
enables him to dodge his way to the front!

who is this man of mystery,
this eleventh-hour polesitter in car eleven,
and from where in virginia did he come?

born in the town of chesterfield,
raised on the banks of langley speedway,
this remarkable stranger discovered his gift of speed!

now, disguised as denny hamlin,
mild-mannered driver for fedex,
he fights an unending battle for truth, justice, and rookie-of-the-year!

Posted by Brock Beard :: 7:49 PM ::

"win on sunday, sing on monday"