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Monday, February 27, 2006

the 2006 auto club five hundred at california

once upon a time
under southern california air,
there was a big race
between a tortoise and a hare.

the crowd favored the hare
in fur red, white, and blue,
for he had won there once before
and this time would make two.

few considered the tortoise
with his shell yellow and black,
for his run in qualifying
put him tail end of the pack.

the race began
and, to the crowd’s non-surprise,
the hare grabbed the point
and sped toward his prize.

the tortoise ran second
or, rather, crawled instead,
moving methodically
but, nevertheless, ahead.

the interval was large
in seconds, thirteen and a half,
and it was all but certain
the hare would have the last laugh.

but, alas, as the hare ran
his endurance soon peaked,
and as he recovered
into the lead the tortoise sneaked.

the checkered flag waved
over the tortoise’s shell,
and the weary hare followed,
not feeling too well.

having slid through the grass
across the race's painted name,
the tortoise made his way
into victory lane.

to the cameras said the tortoise,
"slow and steady wins the race,"
and now he is gunning
for the season-long chase.

Posted by Brock Beard :: 11:04 AM ::

"win on sunday, sing on monday"